Vicky Richter

I do investigative journalism in the US and Latin America. I cover the issues that no one wants to talk about, like international child trafficking, election fraud in the US, the truth about BLM and Covid and forced vaccinations in the military, police and all first responders.

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Borderwars Arizona Part 1

Veterans defend wall on U.S. border and help vastly understaffed Border Patrol rescue children from the clutches of traffickers For more than three years Veterans on Patrol (VOP), which first began in 2015 as a veteran suicide prevention program, has been fighting international child sex trafficking on the U.S. – Mexico border in Pima County, […]


Loyalty to the Operator in Command vs.

Duty of care towards the soldier „Soldiers must accept occupational health hazards“ Recently, one could read in the mainstream media about the case of a sergeant major who refused a basic vaccination of the German Armed Forces because of an underlying disease and was therefore placed under arrest and „educated“ with disciplinary measures. „Soldiers have […]


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