Borderwars Arizona Part 1

Borderwars Arizona Part 1

Veterans defend wall on U.S. border and help vastly understaffed Border Patrol rescue children from the clutches of traffickers

For more than three years Veterans on Patrol (VOP), which first began in 2015 as a veteran suicide prevention program, has been fighting international child sex trafficking on the U.S. – Mexico border in Pima County, Arizona.  Lewis Arthur founded VOP to help veterans by giving them a new mission and to build a bulwark against the Mexican cartels and pedophile elites. Despite the ongoing pandemic, 200,000 illegals continue to be smuggled through the border wall holes every month.


In 2018, VOP accidentally stumbled upon a camp where children were being raped. Astoundingly, this camp was right on their doorstep in Tucson, Arizona. This discovery made Lewis realize that Tucson was one of the trans-shipment points for child sex trafficking in Arizona and beyond. He then established Basecamp Alpha, or Camp Pulaski, named after a deceased U.S. soldier who had committed suicide in the line of duty.

Interview with Lewis Arthur, founder of Veterans on Patrol:

Vicky Richter (VR):  When did you start the Veterans on Patrol mission and what are its primary goals?

Lewis Arthur (LA):  Veterans on Patrol is a suicide prevention program for veterans that conducts community outreach throughout Arizona. The name Veterans on Patrol was coined by an Air Force veteran and American patriot who was a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association. We provide missions and battle buddies for warfighters in need. We are currently conducting operations to clean up entire areas used by child smugglers in Pima County, Arizona.

Since September 2015, VOP has performed these additional services:

  • Search for homeless veterans and engage them in various rescue missions. 
  • Search and rescue of runaway/missing teenagers.
  • Environmental cleanup activities (litter removal).
  • Intake, detoxification support, and health recovery for drug-addicted veterans.
  • Reception of homeless children/families.
  • CPS/AZDCS crisis intervention (prevention of state abduction).
  • Community guard/security patrols.
  • Humanitarian aid missions.
  • Advocacy for children/families of migrants.
  • Observation and interception operations of criminal illegals.

VR:  Do you collaborate with the Border Patrol and what does such collaboration look like?

LA:  As a coalition of property owners, our relationship with Border Patrol agents is extremely cooperative and necessary. The agents are outnumbered. Most are now babysitting at reception centers or in hospitals.

VR:  Is child trafficking real and what is VOP doing about it?

LA:  Unaccompanied children are placed in the holes along the wall. These holes used to be barricaded, but the US Army Corp of Engineers ordered the barricades removed.

VOP deploys humanitarian assistance teams (along with K-9 teams, when possible) at specific wall breaches to provide protection for children forced to cross the border by smugglers.

The children are immediately received by the humanitarian aid teams as soon as they cross through the border. We provide them an opportunity to call their parents and godparents to let them know that they are safe.

Afterwards, we check where the children are being sent to. Tens of thousands cross the border every month and it is impossible to reach them all. Those we pick up are given an emergency contact number for help if they ever need it. Instances of children being placed with inappropriate sponsors or in inappropriate situations are reported to ICE/HSI.

VOP is working with the Dragons Den to follow up on the unaccompanied children we turn over to Border Patrol in Sasabe, Arizona.

VR:  How can someone support VOP?

LA:  Veterans and civilians can become volunteers. Numerous positions are still open and urgently need to be filled. Our border is being invaded and children are being used as weapons. Everyone should join the „game“ and save the US from invasion. Call 520-500-4506 if you can lace up your boots and join us.


The January 2021 federal administration change in DC ceased border wall construction. Because of that, illegal immigration has escalated rapidly with more than 200,000 illegals – many of them criminals – arriving monthly through the incomplete sections of the wall throughout Texas and Arizona.

The U.S. Border Patrol is grossly understaffed. Only one-third of the agents are on duty along the border wall. Due to the immense number of unaccompanied minors smuggled into the U.S., with most arriving from South and Central American countries, the two-thirds majority of agents are required to care for the children at numerous collection points. 

Border Wall and children who were dropped in the dessert at the holes in the wall

With an average of 50 to 80 new children being smuggled weekly in each county, it’s an impossible mission to undertake with the manpower they have. Additionally, the Biden administration vaccination mandate has reduced the ranks of the Border Patrol due to terminations and resignations. The Border Patrol situation is so devastating that a public letter to the U.S. President was published in the mainstream media.

Interview with a Border Patrol Agent: Name withheld for legal reasons:

VR:  Approximately how many people per week pass through the wall holes in your area of operation?

BP:  An average of 150 cross our area every week, but the actual number is sometimes higher or lower. On holidays, there are always more entering illegally so that we, as the Border Patrol, have to struggle even more with being understaffed.

VR:  What percentage of these are children?

BP:  I would say about 85% are children.

VR:  Who else do you think is involved in trafficking children besides the cartels?

BP:  I’m not sure who is involved in the trade other than the cartels.

VR:  Are you aware if there were ever any children who didn’t make it to the U.S. alive?

BP: I’ve never heard of children dying before they reach the border.

VR:  Do you know the meaning of these plastic ribbons that can be found everywhere in the desert and in the bushes?

BP:  I know what those ribbons mean. Those ribbons are used in Texas and sometimes in our county for child trafficking.

VR:  Are the children accompanied and what happens if the children come alone?

BP:  As far as I know, some children stay with their parents after crossing the border. I see many who cross the border on their own. Most of the time they come without family and are then sent on to a sponsor somewhere in the US.

Night two we found 57 children dumped in the of the desert
Border Patrol in action


This all seems to have been deliberately calculated by the current DC federal administration and generally follows a socialistic agenda. However, if you look at past Arizona government you won’t find a Democratic party legislature for many years because Arizona has been a Republican and conservative state for a very long time. 

Child trafficking did not begin flourishing under Biden as it was already happening when Trump first took office. It’s true that Trump first brought this issue to the media. As the Head of State, he wanted to take action against it. He began construction of the wall which was supposed to hold back the immense numbers of illegal immigrants and smugglers.

At first glance, this is a brilliant idea, but then one should ask why these holes in the wall were created. De facto, these gaps are anything but random. 

Any attempt to explain the holes due lack of materials is irrelevant because after Biden stopped construction, leftover materials were removed by the US Army Corp of Engineers.  This action cleared more holes that had been barricaded. So, why are these open gaps right where you need them if you are a smuggler, criminal, or child trafficker… right in the sights of a conservative government that is always so vocal about border security?

A group of men come from Mexico and enter the U.S. through hole number 3. The youngest is 13 and the two oldest are in their 40s.

Tactical holes in the border wall: Within a state that has been run for years under a conservative administration

If you look at these wall holes from a military tactical standpoint, they are brilliantly placed and have a strategic role in the transportation of illegal drugs, organ smuggling, and that of people (mostly children).

Catholic NGOs helping Childtrafficker with water bottles

Standing at the second wall hole in Pima County and following the path straight through the desert, you will pass directly by the camp of VOP located on the main road. If you continue straight through the prairie for another 3 miles, you shall come to a Catholic relief camp that provides food and fresh water to refugees.

The emphasis is on „shall“ because you won’t find any children or women in this relief camp. It is inhabited mostly by young men who can be categorized as coyotes (as the landowners call the smugglers and drug mules of the Mexican mafia).

These coyotes first walk through the desert in camouflage clothing, even using carpet shoes to cover their tracks in the sand, and then change into civilian clothes near the top of the VOP camp or just before the refugee camp. The many camouflage garments lining the path from the wall to the Catholic relief camp speak for themselves.

Today we visited a Cartell camp. This so-called refugee relief camp is home to 95% of the criminals who come through the holes in the wall. This camp is located 11 miles north of the Wall and is not visited by the women and children who are abandoned at the Wall in the middle of the night. None of the residents or helpers were willing to give an interview.

If that weren’t questionable enough, the way that Catholic charity helps out the cartels with shelter and a safe rest stop, it almost seems criminal that this same Catholic charity also provides the freshwater containers at the holes for child traffickers and smugglers.

The landowners are well aware of the mission of this relief camp and have tried several times to have the local sheriff investigate the camp. This has been in vain. Not only does the county sheriff refuse to investigate, but there is now a new decision that the Catholic relief camp may only be searched with an FBI search warrant. This has become unthinkable since the story came out about the Child-RAPE-Camp.

If you put all these building blocks together and try to complete the puzzle, probing questions arise:

  • Why does a Republican administration tolerate these holes in the wall? 
  • Why are these holes so skillfully placed that they can be perfectly used by the Catholic Relief Organization to support smuggling?
  • Why does this NGO help the cartels and, in the end, the pedophile rings?
  • Why can’t this Catholic Church relief camp be allowed to be searched by the police?
  • Why was there no further investigation after this RAPE camp was found?

In the second part of my Borderwars Arizona article, I will recount my own experiences at the Wall and Camp Alpha.

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