The sixth of January 2021: A „PsyOp“ of the US authorities against its own people?

The sixth of January 2021: A „PsyOp“ of the US authorities against its own people?

Police are in control

The January 6 one year anniversary of the storming of the U.S. Congress building has now passed. Morethan 700 people have been charged in connection with the attack on the Capitol, most of them for minor offenses such as illegally entering the building. However, several dozen are charged with assault, carrying deadly weapons, as well as conspiracy, which could result in stiff penalties. But what actually took place from the perspective of these so-called terrorists and radicals?

I had the chance to talk with Micajah Joel Jackson, a 26 year old Marine veteran about his impressions of that day and his experience as a defendant for the alleged crimes of January 6, 2021.

Vicky Richter (VR): Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Yes, my name is Micajah Joel Jackson (MJ). I am a man of Jesus Christ, a devoted Lutheran, a 26-year disabled Marine veteran, a full-time student aspiring to be a political philosophy professor, founder of TheJFKReport, and an independent local reporter in the greater Phoenix area. 

VR:  You participated in the protests in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021? 

MJ:  Yes, I was there on January 6. It was a lawful, peaceful protest until evil government officials created a bloodbath. I decided to go to Washington D.C. for my 25th birthday. I went to Washington D.C. only to document the rally, expose propaganda, and observe certain groups and demonstrators. I knew that this would be President Trump’s last speech before Congress destroyed him. 

VR:  What do you think happened?

MJ:  Before I got to the Capitol on the 6th, I had driven by a group of police officers in riot gear even before anyone had gathered at the Capitol. FBI agents, government informants, Capitol Police, D.C. Metro Police, agents out of uniform, Democratic crisis actors, Antifa, and BLM extremists infiltrated the rally to protest. This was orchestrated by evil and powerful politicians to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and to persecute law-abiding American citizens like me. 

Our own United States federal government participated in an „American Psyop“ on its own citizens to promote totalitarianism. This anti-American psyop will forever be known as the Washington Massacre. Police officers in front of the Capitol building began attacking peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately and for no apparent reason. They attacked, punched, shoved, hit and jabbed with their batons, pepper sprayed, and began beating people just like gang members do. Then, the Capitol Police began to randomly beat the crowd hitting children, women, and elderly people who were simply standing there. From the inauguration stage above us, Capitol Police pointed their firearms at the unarmed peaceful demonstrators. 

Soon after the Capitol Police had begun their attack, the violence escalated and some of the demonstrators fought back in self-defense because they were unlawfully attacked just standing outside the Capitol. All of this prompted revolutionary Americans to go to the Capitol to raise their voices. Americans wanted the federal government to fear the people for the ungodly acts that were committed against law-abiding citizens outside of the Capitol Building. Capitol Police Officers murdered FOUR unarmed Americans that day: 1. Ashli Babbitt was murdered in cold blood; 2. Rosanne Boyland was beaten and trampled by Capitol Police; 3. Kevin Greenson was murdered by the police Flash Bangs; and 4. Benjamin Phillips was pushed off the stairs by Capitol Police and hit his head on impact.  

VR: Did you go inside the Capitol Building?

MJ:  Yes, I entered the Capitol building. Initially, I was directly under the stage for the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony and then I walked up the stairs with countless American nationalists and patriots who were peacefully protesting the unlawful tyrannical attack on fellow citizens. When I arrived at the Capitol Building itself, the doors were already open. There was a long line to enter. Inside were government officials taking selfies, hugging the protesters, and giving them high-fives. I have footage of radical Marxist and extremist John Sullivan walking down the aisles. I have photos of Antifa breaking open windows to get into meeting rooms. I have photos and video of unidentified government informants who were not placed on the FBI’s January 6 wanted list. 

VR:  How did the security forces behave?

MJ:  Some officers were friendly and took selfies, shook hands, opened doors, or hugged demonstrators. Some officers yelled as if they were coming home from hell, and others randomly punched unarmed people. Officer Harry Dunn was randomly hitting people with his baton while being protected by Oath Keepers. 

VR:  Did anything strike you as odd at the time? 

MJ:  Yes, in a big way. Why were people in full paramilitary uniform wearing high quality gas masks? I know regular Trump supporters. They don’t wear that kind of gear. Why were people dressed in black breaking the windows? Why were they searching legislative chamber offices and rifling through closets and computers? Why did some officers attack people while other officers took selfies? Why did certain individuals incite a riot that an average Trump supporter would never do? 

VR:  What happened after that?

MJ:  Afterwards, I sat outside trying to process what had happened. There was a man yelling to everyone that they had shot a woman inside, „Ashli Babbitt.“ The group I was with left me there alone so I went back to their hotel to see what was going on. They were all drunk off their assess and making a fool of themselves. They tried to bully me, and that’s when I left to go back to my hotel in Virginia for the night. 

VR:  What did the FBI give as the reason for including it in its forensic investigation?

MJ:  The FBI „KGB“ came to my house on March 24, 2021, around 11 AM. The reason they were there was because they received several complaints posted on my social media that I was at the Capitol on January 6. They used my email address to track my every move in Washington, D.C. on January 6th. The same day they came to my house, they took me to Veteran Affairs where I was checked in for 5 days due to my military disability. 

VR:  Were you arrested as a result?

MJ:  No, the FBI “KGB” didn’t arrest me the day they came to my house. I turned myself in to the FBI on May 18, 2021 when the charges were dropped. I was taken into custody for 30 hours and then released on condition. I was facing four Class B misdemeanor charges, but I plead no contest to a Class B misdemeanor „Parading, Picketing, & Demonstrating.“ All in all, that’s just a minor charge of „unlawful protest.“ The First Amendment of our Constitution states that we have the right to protest to have the government listen to our complaints. I expect a maximum sentence of 6 months or a minimum of 30 days.

VR:  How are you treated by the authorities now?

MJ:  I haven’t heard from the FBI „KGB“ since my arrest. However, I know they are keeping an eye on me. They’ve tried to hack into my social media accounts, they tapped my phone conversations when I called my lawyers, and they’ve had informants trying to charge me with a prior offense. 

VR:  What do you think about that? Surely, as a veteran, you should expect to be treated differently.

MJ:  I feel disgusted as an American citizen who volunteered to serve in the greatest fighting force in American history, the United States Marine Corps. I love Jesus Christ and I love the United States of America. I am now treated as a second-class citizen. The media thinks I am a terrorist. I have to be careful everywhere I go to ensure the safety of my family and I. The agents who took care of me treated me well, but someone within the FBI leaked information to the media personally attacking my character as an American citizen and they continue to attack my well-being. The fascist government, fascist journalists, and fascist liberals assumed that a true American nationalist like me „should have known better as a veteran.“ I took an oath to protect our constitutional republic from foreign and domestic hostile forces. Those hostile forces are within our government. 

VR:  Do they believe in election fraud?

MJ:  I believe the data from our local, state, and federal government agencies passed laws that were unconstitutional to undermine our 2020 presidential election. The China Plague was used to make unconstitutional changes to our system of government in order to overthrow a twice elected incumbent President, Donald J. Trump, and to trample on the necks of everyday hard-working Americans. We are experiencing a Marxist totalitarian control of our society. 

However, I believe there has always been fraud in many of our elections, but the 2020 election was obvious because so much was done. There are many irregularities and inconsistencies in the 2020 presidential election to review.

VR:  What do you think will have to happen for this evidence to be presented to Congress?

MJ:  So far… nothing! We have idle Republicans, fascist Democrats, the fascist corporate media, and soft-spoken conservative moderates who refuse to acknowledge what really happened on January 6. They keep telling the public that January 6 should never have happened and that these people must be punished. The only evidence I am deprived of is when the unconstitutional January 6 Committee subpoenaed my cell phone data without a lawful warrant. They could have asked the FBI, the „KGB,“ for my data when they downloaded my phone. 

VR:  When do you think the last person arrested on January 6 will be brought before a judge and released? 

MJ:  This political witch hunt will not stop until the American people stop it. We have been conditioned by our society to obey our government. Our founding fathers warned us that we must never submit unless we want tyranny. I pray for my fellow Americans who are in gulags across America because of January 6. I pray for the families who are destroyed because of January 6. I pray for those who have lost a loved one to suicide because of January 6. As a country, we are facing a truly evil spiritual warfare against our God-fearing society. God is working in His merciful process. We as Americans will experience justice and prosperity as a nation under the one true God. 

VR:  Do you see a difference between the protesters on January 6 and the protesters from BLM or Antifa?

MJ:  Yes, a big difference. Antifa and BLM are Marxist organizations that are full-blown communists. Our United States government are fascist, which is a form of Nazism. Socialism is a lower level of communism. It does not matter what you practice, because the end does not justify the means. We achieve totalitarianism in a dictatorship. When you read about Marxist revolutions, they are violent people who want to overthrow a Godly moral functioning society. These people hate themselves and know nothing of God’s grace and love for His people. 

The protesters on January 6 were ordinary hard-working Americans who do not believe in a Marxist or authoritarian regime. These people wake up, go to work, worship God, pay their bills, barely make ends meet, and love their community. Trump supporters, social conservatives, and nationalist Americans like me just want the government to stop the fascist movement and end the Marxist revolution in our country. We want to live in unity with each other and be Americans again. 

VR:  What do you wish for your country? 

MJ:  I do not wish it. I will pray for our country! I will fight for our country! I am a man of God! A man of faith! A follower of Jesus Christ! An American nationalist who would rather die on his feet than live on his knees. I pray that our nation will be restored to health, that we will love one another, that we will worship God, that we will see sports again, that we will travel in our beautiful country, and that we will prosper under one nation and one God. Unity, sovereignty, and prosperity are the keys to bringing our nation back together. Americans want only three things: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. „GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!“ – Patrick Henry March 23, 1775.

Over 450 people still in custody for storming the Capitol

Currently, there are still over 450 people in custody who have not yet seen a judge who could rule on their innocence. Most conservatives in the U.S. are more than critical of this behavior, and voices are being raised that these prisoners are political prisoners rather than those who have committed a crime.

Does the judiciary want to send a signal to the patriots in the country that it does not make sense to stand up for one’s country and defend it by peaceful means as allowed by the Constitution? Do the detainees not have the right to a speedy trial? 

Shakespeare would not write today that in Denmark so much goes wrong. No, he would write about the USA because, in the US, American justice is now measured by double standards.

One law – two interpretations

The domestic terror law, which Donald J. Trump passed in 2020, was intended to stop the ongoing violent protests of Antifa and the Black Live Matters movement (BLM). It was to give authorities the chance to allow the deportation of domestic groups as terrorists. In theory, this is a good thing and is highly promising when you look at the situation in Portland, Oregon, or other cities where Antifa or BLM riots seem to be taking over.

The fact that this law was never used against Antifa or BLM leaves a lot of room for speculation, especially if you believe the conspiracy theory about George Soros who is alleged to be the biggest financier behind Antifa and BLM.

That this law is now used regarding the crimes of January sixth has already become a political issue. The multitude of crimes and protests with Antifa and BLM do not seem to interest the current government in Washington DC one little bit. But family fathers and military veterans who have made great sacrifices for their country are made to be terrorists by their own president and his authorities have left them in prison for months without trial or due process.

Was that what Trump wanted with this bill? Where are the Republicans fighting for the families of those detained? Questions upon questions that will probably never be answered….

This article was also published in German

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